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I love when guys show up at my door horny and wanting to get off. Matt dropped in to see me because he was horny and wanted to do some video work. Great combination. I welcomed him in and he immediately got hard and was ready to do his business. Now Matt has a big hard cock and it didn’t take long for him to get rock-hard. He started showing off that hot ass of his. His hard cock was standing at full mast and he started stroking it as it got even harder. He started moaning as he stroked that big cock. He knew I was watching him closely and I think he gets off on the attention. He gave me one of his little smiles showing that he knew I was watching him. His cock didn’t go down once. There was something about the way he was looking at me while he stroked his cock that it seemed like an invitation to get that cock. I figured that one day i will get that cock but watching Matt got me hard as well. Matt’s eyes rolled back in his head as he slipped into fantasy…The combination of the video he was watching combined with the pleasure he got from jacking that cock and his knowing that someone was watching him was toio much for him. He jacked that cock faster and faster and then I saw the first jet of cum shooting out of his cock. It was followed by several smaller jets of cum that landed on his belly. He shot a rather large load and I almost blew my load in my pants when I saw him cum. He cleaned himself up and we wrapped up for the nigbht. I love seeing guys get off!!! Keep an eye out for Matt’s next appearance. We guarantee that it will be as hot as this one!!!

Matt Mitchell Returns

Added: 04/11/2014