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It’s not often that we get a dude on here who is very lively but that all changed when Austin Taylor walked in my front door. This guy really surprised me because a lot of guys are either embarrassed to be here, worry that their girlfriends will find out or something…but not Austin! He said he was going to do what he wanted no matter what anybody said and that was fine by me. We interviewed for about an hour and I must say…he impressed me to the point that I made him an offer to do an audition with with us which he was ready to do…We went into the bedroom and goit started. He stripped down …giving us the “Do you like this?” look that I love. He knew it was for a gay audience and he thought that was the greatest thing in the world. He knew guys watched him all the time and that always seemed to get his dick hard so he was hard right out of the gate. We decided that we would indulge his idea that he was very hot by measuring his cock…He let my cameraman, Pat do the honors first and then he let me get a grip on his hard cock…He’s a 7 1/2 incher. He never went soft once during all this. During this time he also told us how he and his boss at KFC got locked in the walk-in freezer which I thought was hilarious. Turns out they locked themselves in the freezer by mistake. He then went to work on that big thick cock and you could tell he was enjoying himself. He stroked and stroked and played with his balls while telling us how much he liked doing that. It wasn’t long before he gave us the warning that he was getting ready to cum and then he shot a big load on his tight body. I liked it a lot. He then said he was gonna put his cum soaked socks on Ebay one of these days so if you guys like this be sure to get your socks from him. It will make you and him very happy. Enjoy watching Austin do his thing on DownloBoys!

Introducing Austin Taylor

Added: 12/21/2015