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For the longest time we were wondering who we could pair our boy Todd James with. Todd told us when we hired that he was interested in working with our other DownloBoys which we thought was a good idea. Todd has been a favorite among our subscribers ever sinjce he debuted on here a few months ago. We like Todd because he's good looking and has a nice, big, thick cock and he can shoot a mile when he cums. That's the kind of guy we really like here. The fact that he was interested in being paired up with another guy even though he's straight was a big plus. We just hired a new guy, John McIntyre who when we shoed him Todd's picture and that big cock, was really interested in working with him. When the day we were to shoot the video, Todd arrived first and was way horny. We put on some pussy porn on to get Todd ready and soon John dropped in. They both immediately stripped down and John went for Todd's cock. Todd had never had a guy on his dick and John worked that cock so well that Todd was hard the entire time. John soon started deepthroating Todd and Todd's eyes slammed shut while John sucked his dick. This got me excited and I then made a play for Todd's cock. Now I admit no straight goes soft when I have his dick in my mouth and I sucked him like there was no tomorrow. Between John and I we dined on Todd's cock and Todd loved every minute of it. I think Todd loved the attention we were giving him and it didn't take long before Todd signaled that he was getting close. He got up and straddled John and then Todd jerked his cock furiously and then he blew his load all over Johns stomach. John was right there ready to explode and he shot his load all over himself. WHAT A NIGHT!

Todd James and John McIntyre

Added: 05/16/2014